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the process

What we do and how we do it

Our process starts with the protection of your floor and work surfaces to make sure we keep your kitchen clean while we work. Then we remove the interior parts of your oven (the sides racks, shelves, etc.) which are left fully immersed in a dip tank fitted into our vehicle for a deep clean and then they are hand finished.

While these items are soaking we get to work on your oven, cleaning off all burnt on grease deposits and food spillages from the enamelled surfaces and doors by hand. Doors are always removed and stripped down for cleaning wherever possible. We never use anything other than tried and tested specially formulated products that are non-toxic, non-caustic and odour free inside your house leaving behind no harmful residues.

Finally, your oven is reassembled and an exterior clean and polish is carried out including knobs, fascias and handles to complete the job.


Your oven is then ready and safe to use straight away!


Our cleans are never complete until our customers say that they are happy with the completed work. 

If required, we can change most interior oven and hood bulbs should yours have blown.

We provide a professional, meticulous service and don't cut corners which means that it can take a little time to clean your appliances.

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