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About us

Committed to Keeping Your Cooking Appliances Squeaky Clean

We are a local independent business based in South Oxfordshire offering a thorough service at affordable prices. We use specially formulated, odour free products that are both non-toxic and non-caustic offering a professional domestic oven cleaning service as well as the cleaning of hobs, microwaves and barbecues.


If you are thinking about having your oven cleaned by a specialist, you are not alone - oven cleaning is just about the most hated of all household chores! Ovenblitz has over ten years experience in the cleaning of ovens and we work flexible hours to fit in with your commitments wherever possible.

You won't believe the incredible difference a professional clean can make to your oven - it could look as good as new! A professional clean once or twice a year (depending upon use) and your oven could stay looking like new for years.

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